Plants found in Costa Rica As a tropical country, Costa Rica has a wide variety of native plants and trees.

But here we try to illustrate all plants found in Costa Rica, both native and exotic but that are commonly found in the country.
  • Poor Man's Umbrella
  • Miracle Fruit
  • Indio Desnudo Tree
  • Palms
  • Bamboo
  • Ensete Ventricosum
  • Merremia Tuberosa
  • Quercus bumelioides
    1. Mountain Oak
    2. Mountain Oaks
    3. Sangrillo Tree
    4. Red Mushrooms
    5. Oak Tree in Barva
    6. Achiote Tree
    7. Achiote Fruits
    8. Fig Tree
    9. Higueron Tree
    10. Ciprecillo
    11. Tree fern
    12. Tree fern
    13. Colmillo
    14. Alloplectus ichthyoderma
    15. Arrayán
    16. Cavendishia bracteata
    17. Costus speciosus
    18. Corteza Amarilla
    19. Lorito tree fruit
    20. Ceiba
    21. Mango tree
    22. Naranjilla plant
    23. Cucarachilla
    24. Traveler's Palm
    25. Mimosa Pudica
    26. Mimosa Pudica
    27. Ceibo
    28. Sanseveira
    29. Pelican Flower
    30. Piñuela
    31. Tigridia Pavonia

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