Synsepalum dulcificum This is an attractive tropical shrub that produces pleasant tasting berries with an amaizing taste modifying property. After you finish sucking on a berry, it will give all sour or bitter foods a sweet taste during the next 1-2 hours. Eat a lemon afterward and it will be sweet as a ripe orange!

Because of this extraordinary property, it has been the object of many experiments as an artificial sweetener, to sweeten bitter medicines, etc. It is already being used in specialty & diet restaurants in Europe and Japan to make unsweetened food taste sweet! This small evergreen shrub is native to tropical Africa, and it usually grows to about 4-5 feet tall after about 5-8 years. You can buy some Miracle Fruit seeds directly from the grower at

  1. Germination Experiment
  2. Miracle Fruit shrub
  3. Miracle Fruit shrub
  4. The Miracle Fruit and the man
  5. Seedling by its mother
  6. Two 8 year old shrubs
  7. Berry germinating inside fruit
  8. Seedling exposed
  9. Berry germinating inside fruit
  10. Close-up of berries
  11. Flower buds and berry
  12. Miracle fruit seeds germinating
  13. Two year old Miracle Fruit shrub
  14. Seed germinating
  15. Dissected Miracle Fruit berry
  16. Natural Seedling
  17. Miracle fruit seeds
  18. Germination of Miracle Fruit seeds
  19. Miracle fruit shrub
  20. Berries rippening
  21. Green berries
  22. Berries rippening
  23. Miracle Fruit flowers buds
  24. Flowers detail
  25. Miracle Fruit berries
  26. Top of Miracle Fruit shrub
  27. Synsepalum dulcificum berries
  28. Miracle Fruit shrub
  29. Miracle Fruit berry

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