Turrialba Volcano sits inside a wonderful national park that will make your jaw drop as you explore the natural beauties of it´s flora and fauna. With 3340 m above the sea level it is the second highest volcano in Costa Rica.

  1. Volcano Pasture
  2. Small farmers house at the volcano slopes
  3. Fields used for agriculture on the slopes of the Turrialba volcano
  4. On our way up to the volcano
  5. Cowboy riding up the volcano road
  6. Risky road up to the volcano
  7. Incredible landscapes
  8. Amazing view
  9. Looking down the slopes of the Turrialba volcano
  10. Looking down to the valley
  11. Enjoying the marvelous view over the clouds.
  12. The Turrialba national park
  13. Gasses coming out of the Turrialba volcano
  14. Hiking trail to the crater
  15. Seen from above
  16. The road up to the volcano
  17. The Turrialba volcano seen from far
  18. Above the clouds at Volcan Turrialba
  19. Hiking trails at the national park
  20. Parque nacional Volcan Turrialba
  21. Steep volcano walls
  22. Crater walls
  23. The Turrialba volcano
  24. Witness an active volcano
  25. Amazing landscapes at the east crater
  26. Volcano activity
  27. Walking on the east crater
  28. The east crater
  29. Scenery at the Turrialba volcano
  30. Turrialba volcano
  31. At the edge of the crater
  32. Almost at the edge of the crater
  33. One of the craters at Turrialba volcano
  34. View of the main crater
  35. Main crater
  36. Volcan Turrialba
  37. Sulfur at Turrialba volcano
  38. Clouds moving into the crater
  39. Typical moon scenery found at volcanoes.
  40. The edge of the newest crater at the Turrialba volcano
  41. Turrialba Volcano at dusk

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