Puntarenas to Paquera. This ferry boat service operated by Naviera Tambor, S.A. connects the port of Puntarenas with the town of Paquera, which is the entrance to the Nicoya Peninsula.

So if you are planning to go to Cobano, Tambor, Montezuma, Cabuya, Cabo Blanco, or any of the beaches in the lower part of the Nicoya Peninsula, this is the best and quickest way to get there. The boat trip takes about an hour and crosses the gulf of Nicoya going by the San Lucas island, and then by the Jesucita and Cedros Islands before arriving in the Paquera port.

Besides taking you to the Nicoya beaches, this is a very scenic boat trip that is worth taking for its own touristic value.
  1. Jesusita Island
  2. Isla Aves
  3. San Lucas Island
  4. Laughing gulls
  5. Boat label
  6. Arriving to Paquera
  7. Restaurant counter
  8. Schedule & Prices
  9. Tambor I Ferry Boat
  10. Upper deck food stand
  11. Air conditioned lounge
  12. Full load

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