Beautiful agricultural town about 5 km. west of San Jose. It has experienced phenomenal urban growth because of it's views and nice climate. Many apartment buildings have risen here that threaten the peaceful atmosphere this town always had.

The name Escazu derives from the indigenous word "Izt-kat-zu", which means "resting stone". History tells us that indians traveling from Aserri to Pacaca (now Ciudad Colon), who used to stop and rest at this location, which was about half way between the two villages.

Popular legend tags Escazu as "La Ciudad de las Brujas" (the City of the Witches), as in the past this was the home of several witches and "Curanderos" (medicine men). There is a depiction of a witch on a broomstick flying over the surrounding mountains in the municipality shield which has preserved this.
  1. View of San Antonio Church
  2. Virgin Statue
  3. Tapezco Inn
  4. Pulperia - Escazu
  5. Parada de Buses en Escazu
  6. Playground in Escazu
  7. Oficina de Policia - Escazu
  8. Mejenga en Plaza de Escazu
  9. Lechuga en Escazu
  10. La casona de Coti Bar in Escazu
  11. Horse Salute in Escazu
  12. House and Clothes - Escazu
  13. Fruit Stand in Bello Horizonte
  14. Sun & Ginger Flowers
  15. Flowers
  16. Flower Stand
  17. Fruits & Flowers
  18. Flower Stand
  19. Fruit & Flower stand
  20. Evelio - Fruit Stand Owner
  21. San Rafael de Escazu House
  22. House
  23. House
  24. Adobe Escazu House
  25. Escazu House
  26. House & church
  27. La Casona de Lali Bar
  28. Escazu Neighborhood
  29. Escazu Street
  30. Escazu House
  31. Escazu House
  32. Escazu House
  33. La Virgen de Los Angeles in Escazu
  34. "El Invernadero" Restaurant
  35. Central Valley View from the Escazu Hills
  36. Calle principal de Escazu
  37. Boyero de Escazu

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