Private biological reserve and ecological resort. This is a 33 hectare farm owned and ran by an association of farmers (campesinos). Here, they have developed a private biological reserve catering to the eco-tourism and scientific community.

The farm is inside the Cerro Nara protected zone and features several spectacular waterfalls and lush primary and secondary forests. They provide a typical restaurant and several cabins. So you can stay in the reserve if you so desire.

From their 'mirador' you can see the famous beach of Manuel Antonio and the Quepos coast. You'll also have a chance at observing numerous species of birds and monkeys. Including the endangered Titi (Callicebus) monkey
  1. Lodging area
  2. Group bathing at river pond
  3. River pond & waterfalls
  4. Girl on bridge
  5. Kitchen and cook
  6. Cabin terrace
  7. Restaurant
  8. Hanging walk bridge
  9. Welcoming sign
  10. Wild heliconias
  11. Forest canopy
  12. Forest trail
  13. River and bridge
  14. Looking at bridge
  15. Waterfall
  16. Bridge
  17. Good spot
  18. Waterfall
  19. Coming up
  20. Going down
  21. La Paz Waterfall
  22. Rio La Paz
  23. Waterfall
  24. Frog
  25. Red frog
  26. Fresh coffee
  27. House and cow
  28. La casona
  29. Well
  30. Butterfly
  31. Souvenirs Stand
  32. Red torches
  33. Hummingbirds garden
  34. Restaurant
  35. Fireplace
  36. Baston de Emperador
  37. Butterfly
  38. Flower
  39. La Casa Tipica
  40. Butterfly

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