Old odd things and artifacts found somewhere and everywhere around Costa Rica.

  1. Farol de la Independencia
  2. Rooster Bell
  3. Old Irons
  4. Metal Dial Phone
  5. Door Knocker
  6. Cow Drinking Booze
  7. Midnight Cowgirl
  8. Horseshoe Horse
  9. Steam Engine
  10. Fuel Oil Tank Car
  11. Perfection Wood Stoves
  12. Caribbean Heads
  13. Bob Marley
  14. Once was
  15. Painted Heads
  16. Coconut Stump Head
  17. Wood Phone
  18. Record Player Radio
  19. La Nigüenta
  20. Ox Cart Wheel Steel Ring
  21. Tire Chair
  22. Head besides tree
  23. Head on Stone Pedestal
  24. Amigo Truck
  25. Man-powered Carrusel
  26. Old Coffee Pot
  27. Seesaw
  28. Tractor
  29. 19th Century Telephone
  30. "New Home" Sewing Machine
  31. Old water pumps
  32. Head besides tree

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