This is the highest peak in Costa Rica The "Cerro Chirripo" is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica. It stands at 3,832 meters above sea level. On clear days, half of the country and both oceans can be seen from the summit

This peak belongs to the Talamanca mountain ridge that forms part of the "La Amistad National Park" which comprises a large span of mountain forests and valleys extending into Panama.

Before getting to the top of the mountain, there are some pristine glacial valleys and lakes that make this challenging climb a breath-taking experience.

There is a confortable refuge ran by the National Park service about 4 hours from the summit that serves as a base for existing hikes to the peaks of various mountains like Chirripo, Ventisqueros, Crestones and others.

There are excursions organized constantly to climb these mountains as it is a popular and experience for Costa Ricans and all visitors alike. Picture taken from the Costa Rica Photo Collection
  1. Chirripo Sunset
  2. Chirripo Rainbow
  3. Active Turrialba volcano seen from Chirripo.
  4. Moonset at Chirripo
  5. Sunset at Chirripo
  6. chirripo-photos-619
  7. Leccinum Quercinum
  8. Mountain flowers
  9. Amazing rock formations
  10. Lagoon at Chirripo
  11. Taking the path
  12. Cerro Chirripo
  13. Magnificent scenery on our way up.
  14. Los Crestones
  15. Chirripo mountain map
  16. Map
  17. First refuge
  18. Mule carrying supplies
  19. Going up through the forest
  20. Mountain view
  21. Going up through the forest
  22. View from forest
  23. Inside the mountain forest
  24. Las Cañuelas mountain bamboo forest
  25. Mountain spring
  26. Refuge
  27. Refuge store
  28. Kitchen in refuge
  29. Refuge dinning hall
  30. Refuge bunks
  31. Can't get higher than this !
  32. Mountain spring
  33. Chirripo peaks
  34. View from the top
  35. Mountain summit
  36. Mountain view
  37. Dry mountain lake
  38. Los Crestones rock formation
  39. Rocky path
  40. Mountain rock formation
  41. Los Crestones
  42. High up in the mountain
  43. Rock formations
  44. View is all the way to Panama
  45. Made it to the summit
  46. Mountain view
  47. Chirripo lagoons
  48. Glacial lagoon
  49. Peak & lagoon
  50. Dry lagoon
  51. Camp from above
  52. Forest path
  53. Replica
  54. Chirripo Sunrise

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