Volcan Barva (2906 meters above sea level) is located in the province of Heredia, very near San Jose. Barva has not erupted in thousands of years, which is why its craters are densely forested. Barva forms part of the Braulio Carrillo National Park and is one of the three volcanic structures known as “Las Tres Marías”. This volcano marks the continental divide of waters, towards one side water flows to the Pacific and the other side to the Caribbean, this characteristic along with its high altitude creates many clouds which gives the name of cloud forest to all the biodiversity in the area.
  1. Barva volcano national park
  1. Poor man´s umbrella at Barva volcano. (Gunnera insignis)
  2. Barva volcano´s Flora
  3. Copey Lagoon at Barva volcano
  4. Cloud forest at the Barva volcano national park
  5. Bromelias at Barva volcano
  6. Barva volcano´s Flora
  7. Barva volcano´s Flora
  8. Poor man´s umbrella at Barva volcano. (Gunnera insignis)
  9. Barva volcano´s Flora
  10. A big tree in the far
  11. Lagoon at Barva volcano
  12. Barva volcano´s Flora
  13. Barva volcano´s Flora
  14. Barva volcano´s Flora
  15. Lagoon at Barva volcano
  16. Taking the mountain view at Barva volcano
  17. Barva Volcano lagoon.
  18. Sun peaking through the leaves at Barva volcano
  19. In the cloud forest at Barva volcano.
  20. Peaking through the branches at Barva´s volcano lagoon
  21. Cloud formations viewed from the Barva volcano
  22. A small path into the green.
  23. Lagoon at Barva volcano
  24. Taking the mountain view at Barva volcano
  25. Lagoon at Barva volcano
  26. Tree fungi at Barva volcano
  27. Cloud Forest´s Flora
  28. Taking the mountain view at Barva volcano
  29. Barva volcano´s Flora

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