Mountain forests, rivers, waterfalls, and wildlife is what this park offers. The Tapanti National Park is not very visited by tourists despite being only about 1/2 hour from San Jose and the Central Valley. 

This is an undiscovered jewel! With its natural mountain forests, the river, waterfall, and the wildlife that lives here.

The park's extension is 6080 hectares and its altitude varies from 1220 meters to 2560 meters. The Rio Grande de Orosi crosses the park. There are several scenic trails (from 1 to 4 kilometers long) that visitors can take and enjoy the forests and river.
  1. Catarata Tapanti Cartago
  2. Mirador Tapani
  3. Rio Orosi Tapanti
  4. Tapanti Waterfall
  5. bosque-tapanti
  6. Hacienda Ganadera Tapantí
  7. Park Entrance
  8. Stream in the forest
  9. Stream in the forest
  10. La Catarata path
  11. Forest
  12. La Catarata
  13. Student group
  14. Looking down
  15. Mountain waterfall
  16. Poor Man's umbrela plant
  17. Entrance sign
  18. River and waterfall
  19. Reventazon River
  20. Reventazon River
  21. Reventazon River
  22. Reventazon River
  23. Forest

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