Public monuments, busts, and sculptures shown in Costa Rica. Rica
  1. La Cruz de Alajuelita
  1. Jose Maria Castro Madriz
  2. The Thinker
  3. Tomas Soley Guell
  4. Simon Bolivar
  5. Daniel Oduber Quiros
  6. Mauro Fernandez Acuña
  7. Julio Acosta G.
  8. Andres Carnegie
  9. Isabel La Catolica
  10. Juan Vasquez de Coronado
  11. Al Maestro Garcia Flamenco
  12. Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme
  13. Ricardo Jimenez Oreamuno
  14. Mauro Fernandez Acuña
  15. Juan Mora Porras
  16. Musicians
  17. Central Park Fountain
  18. Quiosko Central
  19. Juan Mora Fernandez
  20. Juan Mora Fernandez
  21. Couple
  22. Juan Mora Fernandez
  23. Gutierrez
  24. Pope John Paul II monument
  25. Public Servants Statue
  26. Monumento al Servidor Publico
  27. Juan Vasquez de Coronado
  28. National Monument
  29. Monumento Nacional
  30. Joaquim Jose Da Silva Xavier
  31. Water fountain
  32. La Gorda
  33. The people
  34. The people
  35. Jose Maria Castro Madriz

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