The City of Limón This is the capital of the province of Limón which is the Atlantic side port of Costa Rica. 

The culture of its people has a strong caribbean influence. This special culture can be appreciated in their original cuisine, music, and language. 

This caribbean-style way of life differs much from the rest of Costa Rica.
  1. Cahuita
  2. Tortuguero Village
  3. Puerto Viejo
  4. Estrada
  5. Siquirres
  1. Puerto de Moín
  2. The Black Star Building
  3. Distribuidora de Muebles Gutierrez
  4. Fixing hair
  5. Restaurante La Buena Fe
  6. Old church tower
  7. La Salamandra bar
  8. Tienda Lorean's
  9. Street Musicians
  10. Stone turtles
  11. Park Kiosk
  12. Municipalidad de Limón
  13. Round Sphere at park
  14. View of shore
  15. Shore view
  16. Shore view
  17. Shore wood deck
  18. Old building
  19. Tall park palms
  20. Park Quiosk
  21. Quiosk in park
  22. Park vendors
  23. Soda Boulevard
  24. Hotel y Pensión Costa Rica
  25. Calzado Annia
  26. Market entrance
  27. Corner building
  28. Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
  29. Main street boulevard
  30. Post Office building
  31. Hotel Paraiso
  32. Limon Apartment
  33. Church Entrance

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