Las Juntas de Abangares is a small and tranquil town that sits along a river of the same name, its climate is cooler than the other cities of Guanacaste since its located up higher in the mountainous part of Ganacaste, Abangares was organically started as on old Mining Town formed by Minor Cooper Keith’s Abangares Mining Company.
  1. Tope in Abangares
  2. Father and Daughter at Tope
  3. Horses Resting
  4. Hores being displayed in Tope at Abangares
  5. Young Participant in Tope
  6. Mariachi singing on horseback
  7. Abangares River
  8. Cattle in Abangares
  9. Old dairy in Abangares
  10. View from Abangares
  11. Abangares Mining Company
  12. Abangares Cowboy
  13. Abangares Church
  14. Hores to be shown off in the tope
  15. Abangares Local
  16. Tope in Abangares
  17. Before a Tope
  18. Cowboy Hats / Sombreros
  19. Higeron tree in Abanagres
  20. Making Chicharrones
  21. Abangares School
  22. Getting Ready for the Tope
  23. Cimarrona Playing from behing a truck
  24. Saying hi in the tope
  25. Saddles

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