2009 Annual Saxophone Festival International Saxophone Festival held in Costa Rica every year. It features international re-known saxophone players of classic, modern, and jazz genders. Additionally is a great opportunity for Costa Rican saxophone players to participate, learn, and be seen.

Annual Saxophone Festival The 4th edition of Costa Rica's Sax Fest 2011 was held in San Jose during the 1st to 4th of June, 2011. As always, there were some distinguished guests performing in the classical and jazz saxophone styles. Brilliant classical saxophone performers like Eugene Rousseau and Vince Gnojek gave outstanding performances. In the Jazz style, there were greats like Alex Terrier and Costa Rican saxophonist Aldo Salvent among many others. There was also an outstanding presentation from Mexico's Anacrúsax Saxophone Quartet considered as one of the best Latin American Saxophone groups of all times.
  1. Canciones del Zocalo by Aaron L. Bramwell (1975)
  2. Concierto en Re Menor para Dos Violines
  3. Fantasie sur un Theme Original
  4. Sultana by John Mackey (1973)
  5. Mai by Ryo Noda (1948)
  6. Eugene Rousseau with fan
  7. Concierto en Re menor para Oboe - Alessandro Marcello
  8. Sonata para Saxofón Alto y Piano Op. 29 - Robert Muczynski
  9. Fantasía
  10. Entre Química y Generales
  11. Elixir
  12. Jugo de Piña
  13. La Mengambrea
  14. La Norma de Guadalajara
  15. Templo de la Musica Concert
  16. Jazz Suite de Pedro Iturralde (Cuarto Movimiento)
  17. Jazz Suite de Pedro Iturralde (Quinto Movimiento)
  18. Jazz Suite de Pedro Iturralde (Tercer Movimiento)
  19. Jazz Suite de Pedro Iturralde (Segundo Movimiento)
  20. Jazz Suite de Pedro Iturralde (Primer Movimiento)
  21. Cuarteto Saxofones "Black Hats" ?
  22. "Segment" de Charlie Parker
  23. Cuarteto de Saxofones Zig-Zag
  24. Sax Sounds III (Diminishing Returns) by Steven Galante
  25. "Salven a los Niños" - Alejandro Chiabrando
  26. "La Mesa Esta Servida" - Alejandro Chiabrando
  27. Ensamble de Saxofones UCR - Cuento II
  28. Kenneth Tse & UCR Sax Ensemble - Scaramouche
  29. Tico-Tico - ARJE Saxophone Quartet
  30. Compadre Pedro Juan - ARJE Saxophone Quartet
  31. Ricardo Chaves - Saxofon Alto
  32. Three Preludes - Cuarteto de Saxofones ARJE
  33. Saxofón y Marimba
  34. Sax Chileno "Instrucciones Para Bordar una Arpillera"
  35. El Saxofón Chileno
  36. Cindy Cripps & Kurt Martínez
  37. Cindy Cripps Soprano Sax - Kurt Martínez Guitar
  38. Cinthia Cripps & Kurt Martínez
  39. Cindy Cripps Soprano Sax
  40. Demostración de un EWI por Ronny Ugalde
  41. Rebeca Bonilla - Saxofón Soprano
  42. Sax Sounds III (Diminishing Returns)

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