To promote the sale of oranges and citrics during the harvest season in Ciudad Colon The Festival de la Naranja (Orange Fair) is a rather new activity organized by the comunity of Ciudad Colon mainly to promote the sale of oranges and citrics during the harvest season around February. There is music, dances, horse parades (tope), sales of local crafts, typical foods, and the sale of juicy and sweet citric fruits. Ciudad Colon is relatively near the metropolitan area and has a first class highway, so it is an easy one day outing to get there.
  1. Seasoned rider
  2. Thumbs up!
  3. Paso Fino Horse
  4. Tope
  5. Plenty of oranges
  6. Folk dancing
  7. Dancing
  8. Dancing
  9. Punto Guanacasteco dance
  10. Couple dancing
  11. Young dancing couple
  12. Young dancer
  13. The girls
  14. Dance couple
  15. Dancing makes happiness
  16. Boy dancer
  17. Dancing
  18. Dancing
  19. Great dancing show
  20. Beautiful typical dresses
  21. Really big for a child!
  22. Happy impersonator
  23. Children and the giants
  24. Hidden soul
  25. Sculpure supporting tree branch
  26. Fruit fair
  27. Buying oranges
  28. Bigger child
  29. Friends
  30. Xylophone players
  31. Xylophone player
  32. Drummers
  33. Selling red onions
  34. Mas naranjas
  35. Chicharrones
  36. Tangerines for sale
  37. Making chorreadas
  38. Oranges for sale

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