Herradura, Puntarenas Los Suenos is a Exclusive vacation complex features a Marriott hotel, a fully equipped marina, full golf course, and luxury condominium, house, and villa rentals.

It is located in Los Suenos in Herradura Bay, very near the city of Puntarenas, and less than a hour away from San Jose.
  1. Pool Table
  2. Jacuzzi
  3. Bedroom
  4. Poolside Living
  5. Entrance
  6. Dinning
  7. Pool area
  8. Living Room & Terrace
  9. Overlooking the pool
  10. Front yard
  11. Pool
  12. Pool
  13. Bella Vista Pool
  14. Pool Fountain
  15. Herradura Bay
  16. View of pools
  17. Herradura Bay
  18. Entrance to Condos
  19. Pool & Gardens
  20. marina, hook up bar,il galeone rest (5)
  21. Beach Club Pool
  22. The docks
  23. End of sea barrier
  24. Marina
  25. Fuel dock
  26. Over the gardens
  27. Boat at dock
  28. Promenade by marina
  29. Stores
  30. Fountain inside golf bar patio
  31. Art sale
  32. Light house tower
  33. Pool area
  34. Pool view of hotel
  35. Pool gardens
  36. Garden path
  37. Hotel view from pool gardens
  38. Waterfalls
  39. Inside pool for hallway
  40. Pool and marina view from rooms
  41. Rooms with ocean and pool view
  42. Lobby bar
  43. Puesta del Sol Lobby Bar
  44. Lobby terrace
  45. View of gardens and bay
  46. Aqueduct feeding the pools
  47. View from lobby terrace
  48. Lobby living area
  49. Hallway
  50. Inside patio kiosk
  51. Main Entrance
  52. Beach Club Fountain

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