Costa Rica has many habitats and bird species in a small territorial area. Costa Rica is unique in the world for having so many habitats and bird species in such a small territorial area.

More than 830 species of birds have been spotted in Costa Rica, this is more species than are found in the whole north american continent. Truly a vast natural wealth that needs to be perserved and protected.

  1. Herrons
  2. Sea Birds
  3. Hummingbirds
  4. Toucans
  5. Egrets
  6. Oropendulas
  7. Parrots & Macaws
  1. Gunnera Bird Shelter
  2. Immature Hawk
  3. Spectacle Owl
  4. Quetzal
  5. White Turkey
  6. Yellow Bird
  7. Baltimore Oriole
  8. Blue Rovins
  9. Yellow Bird
  10. Quetzal
  11. Orange-breasted Trogon
  12. Blue-backed Manakin
  13. Blue-crowned Motmot
  14. Blue-backed Manakin
  15. White-throated Magpie-Jay
  16. Amazon Kingfisher
  17. Clay-colored robin
  18. Crested Caracara
  19. Brown Owl
  20. Trogon
  21. Yellow-throated Euphonia
  22. Rufous-naped Wren
  23. Yiguirro chicks on nest
  24. Rufous-naped Wren
  25. White-tipped Dove
  26. White hawk
  27. Collared Aracari
  28. Baird's Trogon
  29. Scarlet Tanager (female)
  30. Groove-billed Ani
  31. Collared Aracari
  32. Crimson-collarded Tanager
  33. Crimson-collarded Tanagers - Blue-gray Tanager
  34. Scarlet Tanager
  35. Swan
  36. White Egret

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