Wide and long off-white beach located in the northen coast of Guanacaste in the Nosara area. Many surfing schools available. 

  1. Sushi Bar
  2. Walking the Dogs
  3. Beach Bungalows
  4. Samara Sunset
  5. Taily II
  6. Loq'Hay
  7. The Fenix Hotel
  8. Resting Spot
  9. Shadier Beach
  10. Delfin de Corubici
  11. Bar Las Palmitas
  12. Choco's Surf School
  13. C+C Surf School
  14. Beach & Chora Island
  15. ATAMAICA Boats
  16. Beach Gym
  17. Beach Weights
  18. Samara Beach North
  19. Beach Horses
  20. Beach Riding
  21. Boat Keepers House
  22. Boat Ride
  23. Boats and Corals
  24. Enjoying Beach and Surf
  25. Isla Chora
  26. Samara Surfing
  27. Sea Kayaking in Samara
  28. Beach House
  29. Beach Sign
  30. Beach Tour by Horse
  31. Beached Boats
  32. Elevated Beach House
  33. Fishing Boat
  34. Local Beach House
  35. North Beach
  36. Riding Tour
  37. Shell Collecting
  38. Villas Playa Samara
  39. Fisherman's House
  40. Samara Beach
  41. Samara and Carrillo beaches

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