Cow art presented in 2008 This international cow art festivity was held in downtown San Jose for the first time in Costa Rica during the months of April and May, 2008.
  1. Vaca Payaso
  2. Pegatina
  3. Vacurbana
  4. Vacaleta
  5. Yolanda O
  6. Bistec Encebollado
  7. La Vacasera
  8. Bailongo con Vacas
  9. Bailongo con Vacas
  10. Venciendo el Obstaculo
  11. Vaca "On the go" - Detail
  12. Vaca "On the go"
  13. La Coqueta Beta
  14. Multitudes
  15. Vaca en Verano
  16. Eco Mix
  17. TropicalReinforestKaou
  18. Cow in a glass
  19. Vaca Infantil
  20. A La Vaca Por Los Cuernos
  21. Pachanga
  22. Tropical Cow
  23. Red Cow
  24. Vaca Alcancia
  25. Vaca Alcancia
  26. Vaca Gato
  27. Yo Soy Asi
  28. Vaca Negra
  29. Vaca Urbana
  30. The Milk Machine
  31. Vaca Policroma Antigua
  32. Bird Cow
  33. La Giganta
  34. La Caribeña
  35. Golden Cow
  36. Vaca Carreta
  37. Vaca Marina
  38. Vaca Verde
  39. Badge of Costa Rica
  40. Vac-Urbana

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