Small town about 24 Km. from San Jose and on the way to the Carrara National Park, and the beaches of Jaco, Quepos, and Manuel Antonio.

This was the old road where the coffee filled oxcarts passed on its way to the port of Puntarenas where it was shipped to Europe.

The town is known for the "Toronja Rellena", a glassed grapefruit desert much liked among Costa Ricans.

The town conserves a 19th century atmosphere and it is worth visiting.
  1. Museo Ferroviario Atenas
  2. Atenas House
  3. Atenas Bus Stop
  4. Atenas Central Park
  5. Old stone tool
  6. Atenas Park
  7. Ox cart Monument
  8. Escuela Central Atenas
  9. Atenas School
  10. Iglesa de Atenas
  11. Half Pipe in Atenas
  12. Public Half Pipe in Atenas
  13. Bike Half Pipe
  14. Museo Ferroviaro Atenas
  15. Estacion Ferroviaria Atenas
  16. Atenas Train
  17. Old Train Station of Atenas
  18. Railroad Museum
  19. Old house
  20. School
  21. Salon Parroquial
  22. Vendedor de copos
  23. Old church bell
  24. Elias Meneses
  25. Ricardo Rodriguez
  26. Church angel
  27. Cloth dolls
  28. Cloth lions
  29. Easy business
  30. Monumento al Boyero
  31. Boyero monument
  32. House
  33. House
  34. Peek inside
  35. Boutique
  36. Furniture store
  37. Chayote stand
  38. Main street
  39. House
  40. Stores
  41. House
  42. School
  43. Church
  44. Inside church
  45. Church

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